Translation Revision / Concordance


Translations are revised sentence by sentence to ensure concordance between the documents. In a separate reading I do a proofreading of the translated text.

During this process I note misinterpretations and look at completeness, consistency, uniformity and choice of terminology. Comments and suggestions are added when necessary.

The French to English comparative editing service is offered to translators, companies, agencies, governments, publishers, and organizations, while the English to French service is limited to translators and translation agencies.

I also do translations from French to English, as well as proofreading in English or French.

Recent work

Recent contracts include French to English translation for the University of Ottawa Press.

Work for the following organizations has been done through translators and translation agencies:

  • Service Canada
  • Government of Ontario
  • BC Teachers' Federation
  • International Finance Centre BC
  • Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
  • International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Subjects of knowledge and interest

I can revise translations in almost any field, unless you require me to look at technical terminology. My areas of specialization are listed in the Indexing section.


Rates for translation revision depend on the level of technicality and on the quality of the translation. It is necessary to see both documents to determine a fee. I will reply promptly.

Background and experience

Please email me for a copy of my resume.

Email or – in English or French.