Bilingual indexer and proofreader in English or French.

Translation revision from French to English or English to French.

Trained in indexing, with nearly 20 years of proofreading experience, I also hold a BA in French / English translation.

Indexing award winner for my indexes of Ancient Pathways, Ancestral Knowledge by Nancy J. Turner, published by MQUP.

My background includes several years of work in publishing, a post-graduate diploma in Librarianship, and experience in a broad range of topics.

My work is done with meticulous attention to detail, a commitment to superior quality standards, and is consistently delivered on time.

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Publications and organizations I have worked for include bilingual magazines and websites, university press monographs, academic and scientific journals, reports, trade and reference books, international agencies, as well as government departments at the federal and provincial levels in Canada.

My varied professional background provides me with expertise in several subject areas, while my experience as a librarian gives me the skills to acquire additional knowledge quickly to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Email or – in English or French.